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4 years White and tan Maltese mix Drew may not do standup comedy or host a popular game show, but he is our little star nonetheless; and, like many who choose comedy as a career, he’s had his share of ups and downs. We have assured him, though, that he’ll only be going up from now on. Abandoned by his owners when they moved, Drew managed to survive because of the kindness of strangers. He trusted no one, though, and so would hide whenever people came to leave food and water. Then, finally, one day, he ventured just far enough from his hiding place for someone to scoop him up, and the rest is history. Like so many rescues, this resilient 14-pound guy now knows that being in the limelight is not so scary after all. While he may still be a bit shy at first, he doesn’t let that stop him. He loves laps and cuddling and walking and snuggling. Drew is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. So come on.. Take Drew home... Before you know it, he’ll take center stage in your life!

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5 to 6 years old. Gray. Tibetan Terrier mix. In Ancient Egypt, lions were venerated for their strength, courage, and stateliness. No wonder then that Leon, meaning ‘lion’, denotes someone with incredible strength and courage. Given the resilience of shelter dogs, it seemed only fitting that we name this handsome fellow Leon. He is a striking creature despite his shaggy matted coat. He loves surveying his territory on long walks and is quick to welcome other dogs to join him. Leon is confident albeit a bit cautious when first meeting new people. He knows good people when he meets them, however, and soon surrenders to their kindness and love. At almost 17 pounds, Leon is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. More importantly, he hopes he’ll soon find a new Pride where he can reign supreme as ‘King of the Jungle.’

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7 years Black and tan Yorkshire Terrier There comes a time in ever mother’s life when the kids grow up, move out, and start their own lives. For some mothers, nostalgia moves in. For others, a welcome freedom descends upon then. Either way, you have to be a mother to understand. Well, we have seven mothers whose breeding days are finally over, and they can’t wait to begin their permanent vacations with new forever families. Cubic is one such lucky lady. A beautiful Black and Tan Yorkie, she weighs 4.8 pounds and will be spayed and vaccinated as part of her adoption. So, who’s ready to make sure Cubic gets her long awaited vacation?

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2 years Tan Terrier mix When you first meet Cagney, you’ll be amazed by his phenomenal ears. In fact, one might expect this handsome young man to take flight! ...and perhaps, in his dreams, he does.... Cagney, though, is on a mission, and those whimsical ears are his secret weapon. Having found himself in a shelter, Cagney thought his life was over; but, then, a lovely woman saw him and knew he belonged with us here at Perfect Pet Rescue. Now, he is in search of his new forever family, using his magnificent ears to listen to your words and his heart to hear what you truly mean. There’s a lot of soulful strength inside sweet Cagney, and he cannot wait to share his love, affection, and life with the human wise enough to take him home. Still a bit befuddled by his shelter experience, Cagney is beginning to relax and settle into a comfortable routine. He ways just over 11 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. He’s also mighty cute, and....we’re thinking he belongs with you!

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3 to 4 years White West Highland Terrier mix “Remember tonight... for it is the beginning of always,” said the famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri; and, although he uttered these words hundreds of years ago, they still ring true for out sweet boy, Dante. Today...is the beginning of his always. His coat is as white, and his heart is as pure, as new fallen snow. There is an innocence about Dante that compels us to scoop him up and cradle him in our arms, reassuring him that HIS always has, in deed, begun. ...and it will be filled with the most wonderful things.....long walks, snuggly cuddles, a healthy diet, proper care, and above all else...the tender love of a forever family. In the time he’s been with us, Dante has flourished. He is confident and happy and looking forward to exploring his new world. He weighs a mere 10 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. So who’s ready to fill Dante’s always with all the wonderful things he so deserves?

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8 years White and tan Shih Tzu mix This lovely lady came to Perfect Pet with some obvious signs of neglect - a non-contagious skin infection (currently improving) and chronic dry eyes (for which she gets daily ointment). Despite Linen’s past, she is a happy, goofy, loving girl. Her current foster reports that Linen loves to cuddle, play with toys, go for walks (she gets excited at the sight of her leash), and wag her tail at every passing dog and human. Linen is good with other dogs and friendly towards people, but she should be adopted into a household without young children as she prefers a quiet, calm, and relaxing environment. At 18 pounds, she is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, non-shedding, and potty trained!

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