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3 to 4 years old. Black and White. Terrier/Havanese mix. Pretty Patty will look perfect with a pink bow around her neck. She weighs less than 10 pounds. She can even afford to gain a pound or two and she will still be perfect. As tiny as she is, she is full grown. Pretty Patty carries her tail curled high on her back and wags it with enthusiasm when greeting new comers. It seems her family could not afford the cost of three dogs and brought them all to the shelter. The other two were rescued as well. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on all her vaccines. She is a happy little dog and will ease right into her new family. And, we promised her she will never see the inside of a shelter again.

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1 to 2 years old, White, Maltese mix. Jessie is s soulful mostly Maltese mix. Although his soft white coat needs a good brushing and a good bath and maybe some clipping we have promised Jessie he will feel and look so much better. We were told once he was out of the shelter his whole personality started to show. Full of life and wanted to share his love with everybody. This soft little boy weighs 12 pounds and he neutered, micro chipped and current on all vaccines.

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18 months old, White. Westie mix. Disco nights and disco days are back. Our Disco dog is a happy Westie/Terrier mix who will play with anyone, day or night. He likes the company of other dogs as well as people. Have you ever had the perfect dance partner? One who can follow your every move and never step on your toes? He'll stay in your arms and never tire of being held, especially for slow dances. He is healthy ,neutered, micro chipped and current on all shots. Disco weighs 7 pounds.

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3 to 4 years old. White and Tan. All American Terrier. Nathan is not from Detroit, more likely an LA dog. Nathan has those wonderful big ears that stand straight up. All the better to hear you calling his name. A friendlier pup you couldn't ask for. He gives wonderful kisses along with a wagging tail that is in constant motion. He weighs a mere 12 pounds and will happily accept home cooking to add to his cute body. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on his vaccines. All he needs now is to find his forever home.

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10 months old, Tan. Terrier mix. Thelma and Louise are something of an odd couple but they have traveled together to the shelter and have found comfort in each other's company. Now they are ready to set separate housekeeping. Louise is the shorter one, a shaggy Terrier mix who is about 10 months old. She is a soft sweetheart whose only jump will be onto your bed to help keep you warm at night. Louise is good with other dogs, large and small alike and would happily join the existing canine pack at your home. The story of Thelma and Louise is ready for a happy ending so drive off into the desert with Louise in the passenger'side, firms hooked into her safety belt harness. There will be no turning back.She weighs 9 pounds and is as sweet and loving as they come

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2 years old, Red and Tan. Maltese/Terrier mix. Sage is a 2 year old .....Maltese/Terrier mix whose scruffy coat is just itching for a bath, readying it to be springtime fresh. Wild flowers are blooming and Sage is ready to blossom in his new home with friends and his forever family. This sweetness only gets better because now he is neutered, micro chipped and fully vaccinated. He even has a bar and new collar, tag and leash to complete the ensemble. Sage weighs 12 pounds and will fit in very nicely with your family of any size. Spring is the time for new beginnings and for Sage.

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3 years old. Red and White. Spaniel/Doxie mix. Cinnamon is as sweet as spice and nearly the same color. She has one special trick, she smiles. She smiles at everyone she meets and that happy, spicy view of life made us decide to rescue her. Her happiness is contagious and more than a reflection of the life she lived before she ended up in the shelter.She is now spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines. She's cinnamon sweet and will make a wonderful family addition. She is ready to move in. She weighs close to 25 pounds and could use some long walks and low calorie food.

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4 to 5 years old. Tan and White. Wheaton/Poodle mix. Do you remember your first dog? Was it a fluffy loyal friend who followed you everywhere and listened to your dreams and yearnings. That dog who trotted down the road at the side of your Scooter is back. Open your arms wide and Scooter will settle right in. He is a sweetheart inside and out who is neutered, micro chipped and current on all his shots.Scooters family neglected him so much that his coat had to be trimmed. He was found wandering the streets and no one responded to a notice sent from the shelter. Fluff aside, Scooter is a great dog for any family. He weighs 26 pounds, walks well on a leash, loves other dogs and to Perfect Pet people he is a true winner.

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8 - 12 months,old, White and Tan, Terrier mix, Tippy is a tip top young pup who delights at even a nod of attention. He is engaging and playful, a great little family dog who weighs 15 pounds and is less than a year old. Tippy has had little training so puppy class is a great place to begin your relationship right. He is neutered, micro chipped and current on vaccines. Take a tip from Perfect Pet Rescue, don't pass up Tippy.

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6 years old, Black, White and Brown, Chihuahua mix, Priscilla was turned into the shelter with three other dogs but is now loving the single life. She is the absolute perfect companion. Smart, sweet, and portable, she will go anywhere with you...although her favorite place is snuggled up next to you on the couch. At 10 pounds, Priscilla is a wonderful little lady who is housebroken, spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Because her old life was so overcrowded with dogs, she does not mind a little mingling but definitely prefers to live as an only dog. Priscilla is ready to begin her new life with you. Are you ready for her to be your one and only?

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3 years Tan and white Papillon/Pomeranian mix Hi, my name is Kate. Iím approximately 3 years old, 11 lbs, fit, healthy, energetic, smart, loving, and affectionate. I love being near my people and love playing and visiting with other dogs and owners at the dog park. Iím a good listener and good on a leash. I travel well in a decent size kennel in the car with comfy blankets and attached water dish. Iíve been to 5 states and really enjoyed chasing birds and exploring on the beach, experiencing the mountains, and all the new and interesting stops along the way. I am excited to get up each day, eat, go for walks, play/socialize, and do lots of snuggling. I havenít proven to do well with an older female sibling so perhaps Iím destined to a life spoiled as an only child or perhaps the right permanent male companionship in the house might sway me. What can I say Iím a bit of a diva, and youíre gonna love me. Iím interviewing for my forever, safe, happy, loving home. Kate is spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated. To meet this loving little girl who lives in Palm Desert, please phone Suzanne at 206-686-8888.

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