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3 years Golden Brown Poodle mix Different day. Same old story. A handsome fellow is found wondering the streets all alone. No tags. No microchip. …and in the rain no less! Now, Milo has been waiting three long months to settle down with his new forever family, and we’ve promised him his wait is almost over. Just look at those golden locks and amber eyes. How can you resist?! Milo is three years old and weighs 15 points. He will be neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated as part of his adoption. So, you’d best hurry on over. This sweet boy won’t be around long!

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1 year old White and black Dachshund/Beagle mix Chevy epitomizes the meaning of ‘household name’, especially in the music world. Remember Don McLean’s “So bye-bye Miss American Pie, Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry...”? Well, our handsome Chevy hopes to become a household name very soon; and with his classic white and black coat, this 22-pound youngster won’t have to wait long. Having experienced more horror in his short life than any pup should, Chevy is now safe with us and loving every minute of our love and attention. He is neutered and microchipped and will receive the rest of his vaccines in a month as part of his adoption. So, what are you waiting for? Come and drive your Chevy home!

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8 years White with black Terrier mix Imagine jumping into the car with your beloved person, excited to be going on yet another adventure. Then, without warning, your person stops the car, hands you over to a stranger, gets back in the car, and leaves…without you. This is exactly what happened to Bella, our beautiful and stately 8-year-old Schnauzer mix. How can someone do this? Sadly, it happens all the time. …and so began the journey to help Bella rebuild her life, to help Bella relearn the joys of being a dog, and to help Bella trust the strangers she meets. More importantly, Bella is learning that loving someone doesn’t have to hurt. It’s taken three months, but this lovely lady is finally beginning to enjoy our company. Whether it be a rousing game of fetch, a long walk, or some cuddling with kisses initiated by Bella, she is realizing that humans aren’t so bad after all. …and we have promised her that her next car ride will be to her final forever home where her new family will continue to help her overcome her understandable anxiety. Bella weighs 23 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. So.., why don’t you head on over and be the family that helps us keep our promise to this very gentle spirit named Bella?

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4 years Black and brown Terrific Terrier This gorgeous girl is as intelligent and sweet as any Terrier can be. Four-year-old Abby knows several basic commands, enjoys long walks, and is perfectly potty trained. All this girl needs is an adult female only home where she can heal from having been abused by men, men who thought hitting her on the head was an appropriate way to play with her. As a result, she is a bit head shy and becomes anxious when meeting new people. With patience, love, and understanding, though, she will heal, and you will get to experience the wonderfulness that is Abby. Despite her past hardships, this young lady is kind, loving, and longing for human companionship. While she likes socializing with other dogs, she definitely doesn’t want a canine housemate. She is also picky about the female dogs she wants in her circle of friends. We’ve noticed she does better with dogs smaller than she is. Abby weighs approximately 24 lbs and is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. So, if your heart is big enough and your spirit gentle enough, Abby would like to meet you ASAP!

we always have a variety of small dogs looking for a home!

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