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4 years Black and brown Terrific Terrier Meet Abby, an intelligent and sweet four-year-old 18-pound Terrier mix. This beautiful girl is well-behaved, knows several commands, enjoys leisurely walks, and understands that outside is the place for potty time. Sadly, Abby was abused and so can be shy around new people, especially men. Patience, love, and understanding, however, will help her feel safe; and, in no time, you’ll experience the wonderfulness that is Abby. Despite her past hardships, this young lady is kind, loving, and longing for human companionship. She likes socializing with other dogs but definitely doesn’t want a canine housemate. She will also be happiest in an all or mostly female household. So, if your heart is big enough and your spirit gentle enough, Abby would like to meet you ASAP!