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1 year Black and tan Jagdterrier Terrier Meet Mario, our 1-year-old, 26-pound Jagdterrier. This extremely rare breed hails from Germany, and is an all around hunting dog. In fact, Jagdterrier literally means ‘hunt dog’, and Mario knows what his job should be. He just needs a forever home where he can do that job. Whether he actually lives on a farm or with someone who is extremely active and who will commit to making sure Mario has the job he was bred to do, this young lad needs lots of space, daily runs and walks, mental stimulation, and purpose. Rather intense by nature, Mario is also extremely intelligent, independent, and high energy. Along with being a hunting dog comes a high prey drive, so it will be best if his new home has no other types of small animals. He would be excellent at barn hunt, agility, and nose work. In many other ways, however, Mario defies the generalized stereotype of a Jagdterrier. He is a very sweet boy who loves cuddling, giving kisses, and being held. Mario is fine with other dogs, especially those who will play with him. Now that this handsome fellow has been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, he is ready to meet his person, a true terrier person looking for a super smart companion with an amazing foundation. Might that be you?