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5 years Golden Terrier “Hello, Dolly! Well, hello Dolly! It’s so nice to see your beautiful smile each day.” Yes, this lovely, well-mannered 5-year-old is all smiles and tail wags when with people she trusts, and we’ve promised her just such a family will soon welcome her into their forever home. In the meantime, Dolly is in Santa Barbara with her foster parents, enjoying being the center of their attention. She’s had a rather rough time of it this past year, and the scars linger. Dolly cowers when we start to pick her up or put a leash on her collar, and she can be shy at first. Patience and love, however, are teaching her she no longer has to be afraid. This little lady definitely likes other dogs; but we’re pretty sure she prefers to play, not live, with them. She also enjoys cuddling, long walks, car rides, and playing with toys. She’s even been known to bury her favorite ones! Independent by nature, Dolly sometimes prefers her own company to that of others, especially if there’s a soft snuggly bed to be had, a toy to bury, or a fly to stalk. Mind you, though, even when enjoying her alone time, she wants to know you’re nearby. So, whether you live in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, or somewhere in between, Dolly’s hoping you’re the family who’s going to take her home!