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2 years Brown. Black and White. Mini Dachshund / Spaniel mix Nothing helps one calm one’s mind and stay present more than snuggling with a sweet pup. It is only fitting, therefore, that we finally name a pup for what rescue dogs do best. So, meet Snuggles, the cutest Doxie/Spaniel mix we’ve ever seen. ...and she truly is an expert snuggler. Whether in your arms or on your lap, she gently nestles in, eventually making it all the way into your heart where she will be content to stay forevermore. Even being abandoned by her owner has not dampened this little girl’s spirit. She cannot wait to start snuggling with her true forever family. At 10 pounds, she can easily accompany you everywhere. Snuggles is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. She loves everyone, including children and other dogs. So, you better hurry before Snuggles finds herself in someone else’s arms!