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1 year Black Cocker Spaniel There are those who believe that the Hawaiian Island of Maui is the most beautiful island in the world. Others say that Maui’s beaches are the best beaches on earth. Whatever you believe about Hawaii’s Maui, you will be hard-pressed not to agree with us that OUR Maui is an absolutely gorgeous Cocker Spaniel. Perhaps the handsomest we’ve ever had. With his shiny black coat, deep brown eyes, and absolutely joyful demeanor, he is truly a perfect pet. This youngster so loves the world and everyone in it that he will be a wonderful companion for any active family. I say active because this young lad is ready to run, to hike, to play, to seize the day as only young pups do. At 25 pounds, Maui is the perfect size to snuggle next to you in bed or hike with you along Southern California’s many trails. Maui is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. So, if you are ready for an ‘island’ adventure, Maui is waiting for you!