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10 years old, White and Tan: Shih-Tzu. Eight years ago, Olivia went to what we all thought would be her forever home. Then, three weeks ago, she was found wondering the streets just one block from that home. She was severely matted and had untreated dry eyes. Her skin was inflamed, and her nails were so long she had difficulty walking. What was worse, the person who promised to love and care for her was nowhere to be found. Now, this precious lady is back with us, secure in the knowledge that she is once again safe. Her dreadlocks are gone, and her eyes are being treated properly. Her skin is healing. Her nails were cut. Bloodwork shows that, in spite of her ordeal, she’s a relatively healthy 10-year-old. While we don’t yet know if the damage to her eyes has left her blind or just partially sighted, Olivia is clearly resilient and will adjust. She recently went into foster care and has already begun to relax and enjoy herself. At almost 13 pounds, Olivia is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. More importantly, she’s waiting for her true happily ever after.