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Charlie Brown

10 to 12 weeks Tri-color German Shepherd mix. “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.” Or in this case, a good puppy. Our little Charlie Brown came to us via Yosemite National Park. A kind woman saved him from being abandoned in a parking lot and brought him home. Unable to keep him, she asked if we could help. Well, how could we say ‘no’ to this 8 1/2 pound cutie? Now, Charlie Brown looks like a German Shepherd mix, but what he is mixed with is anyone’s guess. How big he will be when full grown is also a mystery. What we can say for sure, however, is that he is sweet and playful and full of puppy love. Charlie Brown has received his first set of shots, is microchipped and will be neutered when old enough. So, if you are ready for the joy and laughter (and responsibility) that only a puppy can bring, come meet Charlie Brown. You’ll be ever so glad you did!