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10-11 years White and tan Maltipoo LOOKING FOR A VERY SPECIAL FAMILY FOR A VERY SPECIAL FELLOW. Imagine living with someone your whole life, only to be thrown away because you are too old. Well, that’s what happened to Andy. So, when a new family came along, he happily went home with them. Another someone to love... Alas, we’ll never know what went wrong, but 18-pound Andy was returned soon after because he had bitten someone. Now deemed a vicious dog, Andy was quarantined for well beyond the 10 days required by law. There he sat, waiting and waiting until the day he came to Perfect Pet Rescue. Andy is a sweet fellow who just wants someone with whom he can share his love. He clearly feels misunderstood, and biting is how he has recently learned to protect himself. This handsome senior, however, is NOT a vicious dog by any means. On the contrary, he is a bundle of love. Andy is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. More importantly, he’s now waiting for that special family with whom to share his love.