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2 to 3 years Apricot Cockapoo A few days ago, a couple enjoying some ice cream in Downtown LA suddenly heard a dog start screaming. What they found, after they ran to see what was happening, horrified them. A very large dog had a 2-year-old apricot Cockapoo by the neck. Somehow this couple managed to wrestle the Cockapoo away and rushed him to the nearest shelter. Well, what a lucky boy Milo is! Although he has a deep laceration on the left side of his neck, the damage is not life threatening. Now, this handsome fellow is safe with us and receiving the love and care he needs. Except for his wound, Milo shows no signs of having been in the mouth of another dog. He is happy-go-lucky and enjoys the company of people and dogs alike. Milo weighs 25 pounds and is vaccinated and microchipped. Once cleared by our vet, he will be neutered as part of his adoption. So, you’d best hurry on over ‘cause everyone who meets Milo falls head over heels in love. We sure did!