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1 year Tan Terrier When we first looked into Escrow’s eyes, we saw abject fear. All he wanted to do was get as far away as possible from people. Finding no escape route, he did the only thing he knew to do. When approached, he growled, showed his teeth, and tried to bite......all while trying to fade into the kennel wall.’s a terrible thing and can cause even the mildest mannered dog to react aggressively. Fear-based reactions, however, often deceive us by masking a scared pup’s true disposition. This was Escrow’s reality while he waited in the shelter for someone to save him. He was labeled ‘aggressive’ rather than ‘fearful’ and treated accordingly. Now that he is part of the Perfect Pet Rescue family, we have begun the sometimes slow process of teaching him that there are lots of people who will love him until he learns to love them back. Escrow is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. He weighs a mere 11 pounds, which makes us wonder how he managed to survive fear’s heavy burden. But survive he did, and thrive he will. Won’t you be the one who will love Escrow out of fear into happily ever after?