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3-4 years Tan Terrier So often the first thing we see are the eyes. The sad, terrified eyes looking out at a world that has repeatedly betrayed them. Jester’s eyes tell us a story we already know. Pain. Fear. Inhumanity. It’s a story we can’t, we don’t want to unsee. Whether large or small, these dogs’ eyes beg us for what they’ve never before had — love, compassion, understanding, and respect. Jester doesn’t know why he was in the shelter. He had a family once, but no more. Shelter life for this handsome lad only added insult to injury. The chaos, the instability, the constant new was all just too much for Jester. As a result, he did the only thing he knew to survive. He growled, showed his teeth, and never quite allowed himself to trust anyone. There were some with whom he occasionally engaged, but almost always with trepidation. It was clear they needed to find a rescue, and we were more than happy to bring Jester into the Perfect Pet Rescue family. He weighs 18 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. We are now working with Jester and hope to find a home with an experienced dog owner who will join him on his journey and promise to support and guide him as he heals.