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7 years Black and tan Yorkshire Terrier There comes a time in ever mother’s life when the kids grow up, move out, and start their own lives. For some mothers, nostalgia moves in. For others, a welcome freedom descends upon them. Either way, you have to be a mother to understand. Well, we have a tiny mother, Cubic, whose breeding days are finally over, and she can’t wait to begin their permanent vacation with a new forever family. Truth be told, this little lady is one lucky pup. A beautiful Black and Tan Yorkie, she weighs 4 pounds and will eventually be spayed and vaccinated as part of her adoption. She will also receive a dental. We have to wait a while, though, because she was adopted twice and came back both times with pancreatitis. She is now pancreatitis-free, happy, and just a bit feisty. We want to hold off on any major procedures, however, until more time has passed, and she has gained back most of the weight she lost. So who’s ready to make sure a healthy and happy Cubic gets her long awaited vacation?