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6 to 7 years Chocolate and white Shih Tzu In the culinary world, truffles are an expensive delicacy. In Perfect Pet Rescue’s world, sweet Truffles is a priceless pup who is longing for a forever home where she can cuddle with people whenever she wants. This little lady believes that a lap is a terrible thing to waste, and she is always ready to curl up in an empty one. Truffles is one of the kindest dogs we’ve ever met. She’s so easy going that she never makes a fuss about anything. Her heart is as big as the day is long, and her soul is as deep as the darkest night. In her 7 years, Truffles has figured out what really love and be loved. She weighs 10 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. She had a small mammary tumor removed when she was spayed, and we are currently awaiting the biopsy results. The vet, however, is optimistic about the outcome. So, if you’ve got a lap that needs filling, Truffles is ready to snuggle in forevermore.