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4 years Tan and white Maltipoo 'Hey there, Georgie girl, Swinging down the street so fancy-free.... Hey there, Georgie girl, Dreaming of the someone you could be...' Well, our little Georgie girl can stop dreaming and start believing in the reality that will soon be her life. Having arrived at the shelter with some serious wounds on her body and an eye that had suffered trauma, Georgie clearly has had a rather difficult life thus far. All that, however, is beginning to change. Her wounds were cleaned and sutured. Her damaged eye was removed. She was spayed, microchipped and given all her vaccines. She was so happy her first day with us that she developed a case of the wiggles, which made taking pictures of her challenging. At 10 pounds, Georgie may be small, but she is mighty. Who will be the lucky person who will swing down the street so fancy-free with our dear Georgie girl?