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1 1/2 years Black with white Terrific Terrier mix Meet our Bella, a bundle of joyous energy who will take you on a lifelong journey into doggie paradise. Your days and nights will be filled with love, happiness, snuggles, fun, cuddles, kisses, and all the other wonderful things with which furry friends enrich our lives. This 18-month-old youngster has never met a stranger. For her, it’s always love at first sight, and it will be for you too! At 29 pounds, Bella is full of energy and will be a great running and hiking partner. Oh, and another dog! Bella loves to play with other dogs. Whether it’s a fast-paced chase around the yard or a game of ‘who can get the toy’, Bella revels in canine companionship. Plain and simply, she just loves life! She is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. So, if you’re ready for paradise, Bella can’t wait to take you there!