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19 months Tri-color Cattle Dog Well, Victoria has a secret! Can you guess what it is? Well, can you? Come on.... Isn’t it obvious? Of course it is! Oh, alright, we’ll give you a hint. Victoria wants something, and she’s positive she’ll get it. She just doesn’t know when. Once she has it, though, she’ll never let it go. So....., have you figured it out? What’s the one thing she doesn’t currently have? What’s that? Exactly!!! A forever family!!! ....and Victoria is hoping hers comes along soon. This gorgeous girl has so much love and joy to share; and being the young pup that she is, she’s got lots and lots of time to share not only her love and joy, but her life with some very lucky family. In return, she’ll be their loyal companion as they hike mountain trails, run along the beach, or snuggle close after a long day. Smart and full of energy, Victoria is hoping her forever family will teach her well as she becomes an adult. She wants only to please, but she still needs guidance as she begins her new life. Besides, it’s so much more fun to learn when the teacher and student love one another. Victoria weighs 40 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. So, we’ve told you Victoria’s secret, but please don’t let her know we did. When her new forever family comes along, we want the joyous surprise to be all hers!!