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4 years old Gray and white Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix Almost two months ago, Mandy officially became another one of the too many dogs at the shelter. She was flea-infested and far too thin. Mandy's history and her heritage are both mysteries. Even so, she was sweet and yearned to return affection. She was adopted, only to be returned 24 hours later because she was fearful of the new people who expected instant love from her. Mandy is leery of new people, so she sat in the shelter again until a final plea for her rescue was sent out. Now, she’s safe with us and slowly relearning trust. She weighs 55 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. More importantly, she’s ready to move into a single adult home where love and respect will be allowed to develop, the way true relationships are born. Another dog her size would be quite welcome as well!