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5 years Black and brown Terrific Terrier Beautiful Abby is as intelligent as any Terrier can be. She is kind, loving, and longing for a human she can call her own. At 5-years-old, Abby knows basic commands, enjoys long walks, and is perfectly potty trained. All this girl needs is an adult female only home where she can heal from having been abused by men, men who thought hitting her on the head was an appropriate way to play. She is still a bit head shy and gets anxious around new people; but with patience, love, and understanding, Abby will heal, and you will get to experience the wonderfulness that is Abby. While she likes socializing with other dogs, she doesn’t want a canine housemate. She is also picky about what female dogs she lets into her circle of friends and prefers dogs smaller than she. Abby weighs 25 lbs and is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. So, if your heart is big enough and your spirit gentle enough, Abby would like to meet you ASAP!