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9 years Black with a white muzzle Spaniel mix They no longer had time for them, they said. Translation: “We just don’t want them any longer.” ...and, so, Jerry and Laker find themselves as the newest members of the Perfect Pet family after their original family decided these loyal pups, both of which they had had since puppyhood, were expendable. Well, expendable to them perhaps. To us, however, they are worthy of the best life has to offer, and we will make absolutely sure their next home will be forever. Jerry is a 9-year-old, 17-pound spaniel mix who is full of life and love. He’s a happy fellow and enjoys meeting people, walks, and just hanging out. He is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. He’ll receive an anesthesia-free dental the next time the doggie dentist is in the office. Should he go home before then, his new family can bring him back on appointment day. Jerry seems to be perpetually smiling which tells us he knows his life is only going to improve from now on. He is hoping you’ll be the one he gets to be with forevermore.