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6 years Brown and cream Beagle mix His name may be Sunny, but he hid in the far recesses of his shelter cage, trying desperately to disappear into the darkness and escape the unfamiliar noises, strange people, and barking dogs. For one month, Sunny went unnoticed, alone, trembling in his cage, too terrified to move. Thank goodness for his guardian angel who, from the moment she met him, knew she would save him. She began acclimating Sunny to loving human touch, to cuddling, to kindness; and lo and behold... She discovered that this frightened boy loved to be out in the sunshine! Now safe with us, Sunny will continue to be shown how safe the world really is. ...and we will make sure he gets plenty of sunshine along the way. He is truly a gentle soul, a gentleman in fact, and he will be the best gift you could give yourself. He weighs 18 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Spring is here. Summer is coming. Don’t miss out on the joy Sunny filled days will bring!