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3 years White Terrier mix If sweetness were gold, little Vera would be the wealthiest dog in the world. She is gentle and kind and loves to give tender kisses to everyone she meets. We can tell she has previously had puppies, but there will be no more back-yard breeding for her. From this day forth, she need only be concerned with the gentleness of her new person’s touch, the softness of her bed, and the tastiness of her meals. Vera may be just 3 years old, but she has had a lifetime of experience in her short life. Through it all, however, she has remained true to who she is, a loving soul who cannot wait to share her heart with you; and, so, it was only fitting that we give this young lady the 19th century name Vera which means truth. Vera weighs 10 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. Who’ll be the lucky one to share the riches of this special pup’s heart?