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5-6 years Tan Terrific Terrier Ozzie the wonder terrier was named for the famed Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith, with whom he shares agility, speed, and undying loyalty to his home team. About 5 years old and just shy of 20 pounds, Ozzie is a champion walker on the leash—he’ll always stay on your left side—and loves a belly rub and a nap in the sun. Ozzie is fearful with new people, but deeply loyal and cuddly once he knows you’re on his side. He has had many training sessions and is very clever at following commands. That said, his guarding instinct can flare up without warning, so it's important to know his triggers (food/food-smelling things on the floor or ground) and keep him away from guests if food is around. Ozzie has been with his current family for 1.5 years, but they have a baby now, and the sad truth is that Ozzie should not be in a family with children. Because of his resource-guarding tendency, he needs mature companions who can provide the patience and predictability he needs. He’s staying with his current family until he can find his forever home, and they are happy to answer questions. Email