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2 to 3 years White/Tan Terripoo I looked over Jordan, and what did I see? This very handsome boy lookin’ back at me. Yep. That’s our Jordan, a handsome sweet fellow who wants only to love and be loved. Once terrified of peoples’ hands because of the abuse he’d suffered, he now seeks out friendly touch and gentle petting. He loves long walks and lying in the sun. When we sit quietly, he stays close and gives us gentle kisses. When we walk around, he happily follows us. When we throw a ball, he delightedly fetches it and comes back for more. We don’t know what abuse Jordan suffered, but we do know that this amazing boy has come a long, long way in the two or so months we’ve had him. Jordan weighs 32 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. He will make someone a wonderful companion, but that person must be an EXPERIENCED dog owner willing to make a lifelong commitment to this special boy. Someone who understands abused dogs and who will give Jordan whatever time, space, and routine he needs to continue his amazing transformation. A quiet home with no children is must. So, too, is a home overflowing with love.