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COURTESY POSTING: 9 years Black and white Chihuahua mix. At first glance, Chispa appears to be like any other diminutive Chihuahua mix.....just a wisp of a dog who wants only to nestle in your arms. Chispa is, however, a classic example of the old saying ‘big things come in small packages’. She may weigh a mere 4 pounds, but she is a little spark that fills a room. She knows what she likes and is not afraid to let everyone know. In spite of the fact that her owner of the past six years can no longer care for her, Chispa seems fairly comfortable in the world and is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with her new person. She knows that, this time, it will be for keeps. To spend time with Chispa is to be surprised that this spry little lady is actually 9 years old. She is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. Before you swoop her up and take her home, she does have one secret she wants to share with you. She is much more comfortable with men than with women; but with a little patience and a lot of love, she’ll be happy with whoever decides to open their heart and let her in.