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8 years White and gray Maltipoo “Well, Rhonda you look so fine (look so fine) And I know it wouldn't take much time For you to help me, Rhonda Help me get {you into} my heart Help me, Rhonda Help, help me, Rhonda Help me get {you into} my heart…”** Yes, sweet Rhonda is just waiting to capture your heart and live happily ever after. This little waif weighs a mere 8 pounds and eagerly awaits you coming to carry her away. She promises to be loyal and loving, to snuggle and cuddle, and to bring you joy and laughter always. Rhonda is 6 years old and lost her family because a landlord decided they could no longer have a dog. They had loved and cared for her since she was 8 weeks old. So she is understandably bewildered and wondering what happens next, but we’ve promised her life will only get better from here. So, won’t you help adorable Rhonda by taking her into your heart and home?! **Beach Boys