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4-5 years old, White, West Highland Terrier/White Cairn Terrier mix. When you look into Oakley's soulful eyes, you will find yourself wishing he could tell you the story of his life. A Westie/Maltese/Cairn Terrier/Whatever-You-Want-Him-To-Be mix, Oakley wants only to love and be loved. He is so gentle and kind that one has to wonder how this sweet boy ever found himself in one of Los Angeles County's highest kill shelters, but find himself there he did....., and there he stayed for some time. Feeling frightened and alone, Oakley hung back, not daring to approach the many strangers who passed by his kennel door even as he secretly hoped one of them would take him home. Then one day, after what felt to him like an eternity, a wonderful shelter volunteer not only noticed him, but asked us to find him the forever home he deserves. Thus, Oakley came to Perfect Pet Rescue. As his confidence has grown and his faith in people has been restored, he has shown us just how perfect a pet he is; and we, with the help of his very special foster mom, have shown him that the world is not such a scary, lonely place after all. Still a bit shy when first meeting new people, Oakley is actually quite a happy boy. His tail wags nonstop; and he absolutely loves to give kisses, especially when snuggling with humans. At 13 pounds, Oakley is neutered, microchipped, current on all vaccines, house-trained, and good with other dogs. Sporting a new doggie do, Oakley, who is the sweetest foster his foster mom says she has ever had, is now not-so-secretly hoping you will take him home!