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1 to 2 years old Cream Terrific Terrier We have no idea how long Jamba was on the streets, but he is now safe with us thanks to a lovely Perfect Pet friend. Although this sweet fellow is still quite shy, if you watch closely, you’ll see his tail begin to wag as you approach him. Even our vet noticed his gentle demeanor and asked us to find this 2-year-old a very special home. Of course, that is what we’ll do! Jamba weighs 13.8 pounds and will be neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped as part of his adoption. We have to hold off a bit on those things, however, because he has two infected puncture wounds on his neck which are being treated. This handsome boy can still go home, though, which is why we are hoping that YOU are the family who will give him that very special home!