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2 years White and black Cavalier/Papillon mix Hi! I’m Bobby. Some think I’m a Spaniel mix, but no one knows for sure. I am a very cuddly 2.5-year-old who loves people, other dogs, and toys. Like people, I have my likes and dislikes and do not hesitate to speak my mind. The thing I most dislike is someone taking food away from me. Although I’ve been working on ‘leave it’, my progress has been slow. I hope I find someone who will stick with me until I master not biting the hand that feeds me. I promise, I’m not an aggressive boy, but food brings out the worst in me. I can also become possessive of spaces, so I need a human who will understand that I can’t sleep or hang out on the couch with them. If my human has a yard, even better! Sometimes, I just need to be by myself, but please don’t take it personally. So, basically, I need a human who sets clear boundaries, sticks to a routine, has patience, provides stability, respects me as much as I respect them, and takes time to get to know me. Someone who will teach me, not control me. In return, I will be your best friend for life. I may never be perfect, but I will try to be the best I can be. Will you be my human?