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3 years Black and white Poodle mix Meet our sweet Elmo. This little fellow is as happy as his namesake. He may not have that signature falsetto voice; but if you look into his beautiful brown eyes, you’ll see the love in his heart dancing in their sparkle. Thirteen-pound Elmo is not just happy, he’s lucky. A week or so ago, he was hit by a car and lay alone in the street. Then along came a Good Samaritan who made sure he was taken to a shelter that sent out an alert. Now, here Elmo is, safe with us and recovering from hip and pelvic surgery. Our surgeon is very optimistic that this 3-year-old will make a full recovery. Elmo is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and hoping he’ll be able to convalesce and live happily-ever-after with a wonderful forever family!