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2 years Tan Terrier. It’s nearly impossible these days to escape from the Bird and Lime scooters zipping around our streets. They are absolutely everywhere. Well, our Scooter is not a Bird or a Lime but was zipping around the streets nonetheless, trying desperately to escape from the lovely woman determined to rescue him. After a blocks-long pursuit, she found him huddled beneath a car. She softly called to him, and he slowly approached her, seeming relieved when she finally scooped him up. Now, Scooter is safe with us, and we have assured him that he will never again need to escape from people. This sweet guy weighs 19 pounds and is truly a gentle soul. He is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. Scooter snuggles close whenever he can and is receiving all the TLC he needs to regain his confidence and become the terrific terrier we know he is! So come on, take this precious boy for a spin, and mutually escape into the love you’ll share!