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2 to 3 years Black and tan Shih Tzu mix Cute and spirited...that’s our Derby, all 9.5 pounds of him. Small in stature but big in personality, this little fella can’t wait to find his forever that will love, respect, and give him the home he deserves. We look into Derby’s big dark eyes and see all the love he has to give. We pick him up and are showered with kisses. Derby knows he is safe and that, somewhere out there, is his forever person with whom he will thrive. Derby is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. He does have juvenile cataracts, and Perfect Pet Rescue will have one removed as soon as he is settled in his new home. In the meantime, he sees well enough to navigate his surroundings without incident. So, are you ready to take a chance on our special boy? He is certainly ready to take a chance on you!