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Mitzi / Arlie

4 years old, Dark Gray and Tan, Yorkie/Poodle mix From her dark sparkling eyes to her silky curly locks to her always wagging tail, Arlie is the epitome of adorableness. An enchanting little sprite, she is sweet and kind and loves being close to people. When you meet her, don’t think you’ll be going home alone because, before you know it, she will have stolen your heart and promised to love you forevermore. Arlie does have one request, though. She asks that you remember she is your furry friend, not an accessory. She also wants you to know that, while she loves walks, she has not yet learned the art of greeting other dogs she meets along the way. She promises, though, to be the very best student if you’ll promise to teach her this very important social grace. Arlie weighs 9 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, and current on her vaccines. So, are there any teachers out there looking for a furry friend? Well, hurry on over. Arlie is ready for class to begin!