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10 months Red with white Dachshund/Chihuahua mix Sochi is quite a special little girl. When she was just a few weeks old, her mother, brother, and she were surrendered to our vet. All three had parvovirus, and their owners could not afford their care. Eventually, all three were given a clean bill of health and were ready to be adopted. We were asked to help; but before we could say “yes”, momma and pups were snatched up by wonderful people. Sadly, for Sochi, things did not work out the way she’d hoped. The lovely women who adopted her came to the painful realization that their tiny senior Chihuahua was not faring well with a rambunctious puppy in the house and asked us to help find Sochi a new home. So, now Sochi is on the lookout for a new forever family with whom she can freely be her loving, playful self. She would even like it if her family had another dog who would enjoy playing with her as much as she loves playing with other dogs. Sochi loves people of all ages, too. At 13 pounds, she is spayed, microchipped, current on her vaccines, and potty trained! So, come meet this playful pup. You’ll be ever so glad you did!

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6 years White Maltese/Terrier mix In 1891, Carnegie Hall opened and quickly set the international standard for musical excellence and became the aspirational destination for the world’s finest artists. While he may not have aspirations of playing in such a venue, dear Carnegie definitely sets the standard for what it means to be a perfect pet. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy whose goal is to play with you in his forever home. Carnegie loves everyone, people and dogs, and is unfazed by his time behind bars. Always with a smile on his face, he enthusiastically greets anyone who wishes to give him some pets. Carnegie is neutered, microchipped, current on all vaccines, and ready to begin the performance of his lifetime!

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6 months Tri-color Terrific Terrier ‘Chevy’ epitomizes the meaning of ‘household name’, especially in the music world. Who can forget Don McLean’s “So bye-bye Miss American Pie, Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry...”? Well, our little Chevy hopes to become a household name very soon; and with that cute face and whimsical ears, this 8 lb bundle of joy and happiness won’t have to wait long. Having experienced more horror in his short life than any pup should, Chevy is now safe with us and loving every minute of our love and attention. He is neutered and microchipped. He will receive the rest of his vaccines in the coming months as part of his adoption. So, what are you waiting for? Come and drive your Chevy home.

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2 years Black and white Terrier mix. We jumped for joy when lsweet Gloria joined the Perfect Pet family. Why anyone would let her go is unfathomable, but we knew immediately she belonged with us. Gloria is a joyful pup who freely shares her happiness with everyone she meets. You can’t help but smile as she looks up at you with her big brown eyes. ...and those ears! They are testament to her infectious whimsical spirit. Gloria is spayed, microchipped, current on all vaccines, and excited to become part of her forever family. Will you be the lucky person who shares Gloria’s joy forevermore?

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2 years White Terrier. Talk about cute! There is no other way to describe our little Busby........except to say that he is as sweet as he cute and as loving as he is sweet! Busby’s tail starts wagging as soon as he sees you, and he quickly nestles in when in your lap. This 2-year-old boy will be the perfect companion for any family. Because he is small, he can travel anywhere with you, so you’ll never need to be apart for long. Busby weighs 11 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. More importantly, he knows it won’t be long before his forever family comes along and makes him tail-wagging happy!

we always have a variety of small dogs looking for a home!

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