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1 year Buff Long-haired Chihuahua mix The fig. A lusciously sweet fruit with surprising health benefits that can be traced back to Biblical times. First cultivated in Egypt, the fig eventually made its way to ancient Greece and Rome where it was revered as a sacred fruit fit for a king......or queen. The first thing you will notice about our little Fig is just how regal she is. She is a lady through and through. She is gentle and kind and stunningly beautiful, and her lovely dark eyes reveal an unparalleled inner beauty. She is mild, but she is not meek. She knows what she wants....a forever family with endless cuddle time, and we know you are out there somewhere....just waiting to scoop up little Fig and begin a life filled with her endless healing love. At 13 pounds, Fig is spayed, microchipped and current on all vaccines.... and just waiting for you, too!

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1 year Tri-color Siberian Husky/Shepherd mix In just a few days, all of North America will witness its first full solar eclipse in 99 years. If you have never seen a total eclipse, you are in for an amazing experience. But wait! That is not the only special event on the horizon. Perfect Pet Rescue has already experienced its own magnificent Eclipse, and she is just waiting for you to come meet her! At 37 pounds, our Eclipse is a beautiful site to behold. She is as sweet as she is pretty and will win your heart when she rolls over for a tummy rub, a look of pure trust in her eyes. Eclipse is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. So come meet this beautiful girl, and be prepared for a total eclipse of your heart!

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8 years old, Black and White, Cockapoo, We're not spoofing when we describe this dog as a Cockapoo. He's an outstanding mix with a happy settled personality. Spoof is not a puppy, he's a dog, 7-8 years old. Spoof has a lot going for him. He doesn't chew your possessions or require long walks and hikes. He's happy to settle at your side and relax the day away. He weighs 18 pounds, is micro chipped, neutered and current on vaccines. With a fresh bath his coat will smell like a warm spring day. Life will be easy with Spoof, that's no joke.

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2 years old, Fawn and Black, Shepherd / Corgi mix, Liam is quite a popular name these days so think of a very handsome actor who enters your home, joins your family and entertains you every single day. Liam the dog is ready to fill the role. He's a young dog, about 2 years old who appears to be a mix of Shepherd and Corgi. He is so sweet and gentle that your heart will throb as you look into his deep brown eyes. Liam is full grown, a slender 25 pounds which puts him over the cusp to medium sized dog. Liam is neutered, micro chipped and fully vaccinated. He will always be well dressed in his bright new red collar and and tag. Lights, camera, action; enter Liam, center stage of your life.

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2 years old, White, Bichon / Poodle mix, Smitty might sound like an ordinary name but he is not an ordinary dog. Smitty is an exotic mix of Bichon and Poodle who was barely recognizable as more than a mop not very long ago. After his hair cut and blow dry he bloomed into a handsome dog extraordinaire. Smitty is about 2 years old and is current on his vaccines, micro chipped and will be neutered as part of his adoption. He is sweet and friendly, a wonderful family dog who will please those looking for a non-shedding dog. Smitty weighs 16.5 pounds but is a bit too slender. You can welcome him into your family with some good food and special treats for a very special guy, Smitty.

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2 years Red and white Long-haired Chihuahua mix In E. B. White's children's classic, Charlotte's Web, a tiny barn spider named Charlotte devises an ingenious plan and saves her friend Wilbur's life by weaving his praises into her web. At a mere 8 1/2 pounds, our little Charlotte is equally clever, having mastered the art of weaving a web of love around everyone she meets. Her contagious smile and sparkling eyes belie the fact that, at just two years old, she found herself in a pound, facing an unknown fate. As resilient as she is clever and loving, however, Charlotte now knows those days are behind her. She is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. More importantly, she is secure in the knowledge that she is safe and will soon be weaving her web of love around her new forever family.

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3 years Red Long-haired Dachshund mix Dachshunds are often known for their rather BIG personalities. They are playful and devoted, lively and courageous, and stubborn and clever. Originally bred to hunt badgers, they needed to be all these things. Although our Lexie needs only to hunt toys or the nearest lap, she is all these things and more. She greets everyone she meets with her contagious smile and bright shining eyes. She is playful and at ease no matter her surroundings. ...and, yes, Lexie has a stubborn streak. When she does not want to look at the camera, no amount of coaxing will change her mind! Photo shoots are definitely done on her terms! At 12 1/2 pounds, Lexie is spayed, microchipped, current on all vaccines, and ready to begin a new life of adventure with you!

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4-5 years old, White, West Highland Terrier mix, In a very significant way, our Oakley is like the expensive glasses that share his name. Treat them gently, and you will share a lifetime together. Brought in as a stray to the shelter, Oakley clearly had not received much love or attention in his life. As soon as he became a Perfect Pet, however, that all changed! He is now showered with love by his foster mom who says he is the sweetest foster she has ever had. Oakley is 4-5 years old, weighs 13 pounds, and is neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated. He may seem a bit shy at first; but as his tail that never stops wagging proves, love always wins in the end. Oakley will be a wonderful companion, happy to hang with you anywhere.

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4 years Tri-color Terripoo At 22 pounds, Mona is spunky and full of life. Mona Lisa's smile may leave everyone wondering what she was thinking, but our Mona's smile speaks volumes about the happiness she feels knowing she will soon be living with her furever family. She's hoping they will have a big back yard for running around and playing. As delightful as this sweet girl is, she is still learning leash walking social skills and so needs to live in a relatively quiet residential neighborhood with a family committed to helping her master those skills. She loves her canine pals but will be happiest living as an only dog. Mona is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines.

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