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6 years White with apricot Poodle “G Day,” sweet Ozzie says to everyone he meets. No, he’s not from down under, but he sure could be. He’s the cutest little guy with the friendliest demeanor. Gentle and kind, Ozzie knows how to bring a smile to your face no matter the circumstance. His favorite place, if a lap is not available, it sitting or walking right by your side. When we met Ozzie, we discovered that this precious boy had been in and out of the shelter 4 times in his 6 years on Earth. Apparently his owners kept losing him, deciding this last time that they no longer wanted him. As a result, Ozzie has a bit of separation anxiety. The remedy? A loving, committed family who will love him for the rest of his life as he will love them. At 11 pounds, Ozzie can accompany you anywhere and will happily do so. This 6-year-old boy is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. More importantly, he’s waiting to say “G Day” to you!

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5 years Blonde Poodle/Terrier mix Handsome Wizard need use absolutely no hocus pocus to win your heart. In fact, just one look at his happy face, and you will fall madly in love. Wizard found himself in the shelter for reasons he could not understand. What we could not comprehend was the condition he was in. He had clearly not been groomed, not even been bathed, in a very, very long time, so we went straight to our groomer after we picked him up. Sure enough, his dirty matted coat came off in virtually one piece. Now, Wizard can move more freely and without the pain caused by heavy matting. He’s got a bounce in his step and a smile on his face ‘cause he knows the real magic is just beginning. ...and he is oh so very sweet. He started giving me gentle kisses as soon as we pulled out of the shelter parking lot. Five-year-old Wizard weighs 24 pounds and is microchipped and current on his vaccines. He will be neutered in a few days as part of his adoption. In the meantime, you’d better hurry on over before he vanishes right before your eyes!!

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2 to 3 years White/Tan Terripoo - PLEASE READ TO THE END! I looked over Jordan, and what did I see? This sweet frightened boy lookin’ back at me. Yep. That’s our Jordan, a very sweet but untrusting fellow who desperately wants to love and be loved but is terrified of hands that reach out to touch him. To protect himself from whatever horrible abuse he has previously experienced, he responds to our attempted touch by growling, letting us know in no uncertain terms he will bite if we do not take away our hands. We can see in his eyes, he has absolutely no desire to hurt anyone, but he knows no other way to protect himself. As we drop our hands, he relaxes and allows us to loop a leash around his neck. He loves long walks, and we give him as many as we can. When we sit quietly, he will stay close and give us gentle kisses on our arms. We don’t know what type of abuse Jordan suffered, only that he suffered tremendously. Neither do we know if he will ever be able to completely put the abuse behind him. We do know, however, that this handsome boy has come a long, long way in the month we’ve had him....from not allowing us to enter his kennel to happily greeting us when we stop by. Jordan weighs 32 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. He will make someone a wonderful companion, but that person must be a very EXPERIENCED dog owner willing to make a lifelong commitment to ensuring he reaches his potential. Someone who understands abused dogs and who will give Jordan the time, space, and routine he needs to learn to trust. The home must be a quiet one with no children. Another dog, however, is an absolute necessity, for the one creature Jordan still trusts is another dog.

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7 years Brown Boxer Hey Boxer lovers, where are you? Chopper is waiting for you! This lovable fellow came to us after a 3-month shelter stay. That’s right. Three long months behind bars because his owner neglected him, leaving him alone in a back yard with no food or shelter and only one companion, a deceased dog who had been his best friend. In spite of how Chopper spent the last few years of his life, however, he can’t wait to start anew with a family who will love him as much as he’ll love them. You see, Chopper’s a straight up lover. One look in his big soulful eyes, and you’ll see his loving spirit. One slobbery kiss from his handsome mug, and you’ll feel his playfulness. ...and does this guy ever like to play! Throw a tennis ball, and off he goes....joyfully over-and-over-and-over again. Chopper now weighs 66 pounds but could stand to gain a few more, which won’t be hard with his hearty appetite. He is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. Best of all, he walks well on a leash, likes to show off the commands he knows, and just may be house trained! So, if you love dogs, you will absolutely adore charming, playful, dapper, happy Chopper!!

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