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5 years Merle French Bulldog Meet Venus, one of our newest retired mommies. Yes, this sweet five-year-old is now free to be in a world beyond the confines of a breeding facility. …and what a wonderful world we’ve promised her it is! She knows her forever family will soon whisk her away to her new life where there will be lots of cuddling and snuggling, walking and playing, and discovering and experiencing the joy freedom brings. Venus weighs 24 pounds and is vaccinated and microchipped. She will be spayed as part of her adoption. So, look into her beautiful blue eyes and bask in the trust she will have in you. Feel the depth of her loyalty and the whimsy of her imagination. Know that she will love you forever and ever as you begin your happilyeverafter together.

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4 years White Maltese Meet Jolly, our, well, jolly four-year-old Maltese who has but one holiday wish…to bring joy and happiness to his new family forevermore. This adorable little fellow quickly warms to everyone he meets. Pet him once, and he’ll be your instant best friend. Fun-loving and easy-going, Jolly will be a wonderful addition to any family. At just under 9 pounds, he’ll be able to accompany you anywhere and everywhere. Oh, the adventures you’ll have! Jolly is microchipped and current on his vaccines. He’ll be neutered as part of his adoption. So, what are you waiting for? You’d best hurry on over ‘cause Jolly isn’t planning to hang out with us for very much longer.

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2 years Brown with black Brussels Griffon We don’t often see Brussels Griffons in LA, so we just had to scoop up this beauty when we discovered she was languishing in a shelter. Yes, Kenzi is now free to search for her forever family. Albeit a bit shy at times, this little lady is just that, a kind, gentle, sweet lady who will be a wonderful addition to any family. At two years old, Kenzi has her whole life ahead of her and is looking forward to many wonderful adventures with her family. Kenzi weighs 17.5 lbs and is microchipped and vaccinated. She will also be spayed as part of her adoption. Well, what’s taking you so long? Kenzi is waiting for you!

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4 years Black and brown Terrific Terrier Meet Sasha, an intelligent and sweet four-year-old 18-pound Terrier mix. This beautiful girl is well-behaved, knows several commands, enjoys leisurely walks, and understands that outside is the place for potty time. Sadly, Sasha was abused and so can be shy around new people, especially men. Patience, love, and understanding, however, will help her feel safe; and, in no time, you’ll experience the wonderfulness that is Sasha. Despite her past hardships, this young lady is kind, loving, and longing for human companionship. She likes socializing with other dogs but definitely doesn’t want a canine housemate. She will also be happiest in an all or mostly female household. So, if your heart is big enough and your spirit gentle enough, Sasha would like to meet you ASAP!

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2 years Fawn Terripoo Meet Darla, the sweetest little girl with whom you’ll ever snuggle. Having come from one of the tougher shelters, Darla is still all kisses and tail wags. She’s just happy to be alive and anxious to share her life with you. She needs grooming, but the beauty of her soft coat is still obvious. Darla is 2 to 3 years old ane is spayed, microchipped, an vaccinated. All she needs now is her forever family. Might that be you?

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8 years Gray and black Shih Tzu Meet Chewy, a dapper 8-year-old fellow abandoned at the shelter because of skin issues. People can be so cruel. Chewy, though, is a very forgiving soul and knows a loving family will come along soon. Until then, we’re treating his skin and envisioning the day his luxurious coat returns. Healthy in every other way, Chewy weighs 13 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. So, you’d better get ready ‘cause this gentleman is ready to steal your heart.

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3 years Gold Terrier Just look at those magnificent ears standing at attention! Louie is ready to hear all about his wonderful new life. …and it’s about time this golden 3-year-old gets some good news. Louie was in the shelter for an unimaginable 4 months, becoming more and more stressed with each passing day. He began to lose hope, to withdraw, to growl when approached. Then one day, a special volunteer started spending time with Louie and discovered he’s actually very smart and very talented. What’s more, behind that initial growl of a greeting is a sweet fellow who just wants to love and be loved. Louie weighs 11.6 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. All he needs now is someone who will, not only tell him about, but also give him the new life he so deserves. Might that be you?

we always have a variety of small dogs looking for a home!

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