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5 years Tri-color German Shepherd Sometimes kismet comes along at just the right time. Such is the case with our beautiful GSD, Beya. Stuck in a back yard and used for breeding, this gorgeous girl made a friend on the other side of the fence. Actually, this woman was more than a friend. She was Beya’s guardian angel; for when she was preparing to move, she knew she could not leave this sweet girl behind. Unfortunately, though, neither could she take Beya with her, so she convinced the owner to surrender Beya and brought her to us. Now, Beya is safe with us and receiving the TLC she so deserves. Amazingly, our girl holds no grudges. She is an elegant GSD with a gentle spirit and a kind heart. She loves people and dogs of all sizes and is anxiously awaiting the day her true forever family comes to take her home. She knows that gone are the days of outdoor living, flea infestations, and neglect. At 68 pounds, Beya is microchipped and current on all vaccines. She will be spayed as soon as her skin heals. So, if love and loyalty are what you seek, look no further. Beya will love you and stay by your side as only a GSD can.

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5 years Red, white, beige Shih Tzu. Nothing can explain the cruelty perpetrated upon our furry friends by some people. Such is the situation with adorable little Bravo. Not only was he left on the streets to fend for himself, our brave boy was also in terrible pain. His eye had been seriously injured and was extremely swollen, but no one did anything to alleviate his suffering. When he finally found himself in a shelter, it was actually a blessing in disguise, for he now could be rescued and given the medical care he needed. ...and that is exactly what we did!! Safe with us, Bravo is finally receiving the care he needs and deserves and will soon have his eye removed since it is too damaged to save. He will then be pain-free and able to begin the carefree life of a pampered perfect pet. Bravo is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Truth be told, this little guy should be named Bravíssimo because he epitomizes the resilience of rescue dogs. The resilient spirit and forgiving nature of our four-legged friends. We’ve never met a dog that held a grudge, no matter how deplorable their circumstances, and Bravo is no exception. When he looks up at you, you will be amazed at the love he cannot wait to share.

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2 years Tan Terrier. It’s nearly impossible these days to escape from the Bird and Lime scooters zipping around our streets. They are absolutely everywhere. Well, our Scooter is not a Bird or a Lime but was zipping around the streets nonetheless, trying desperately to escape from the lovely woman determined to rescue him. After a blocks-long pursuit, she found him huddled beneath a car. She softly called to him, and he slowly approached her, seeming relieved when she finally scooped him up. Now, Scooter is safe with us, and we have assured him that he will never again need to escape from people. This sweet guy weighs 19 pounds and is truly a gentle soul. He is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccines. Scooter snuggles close whenever he can and is receiving all the TLC he needs to regain his confidence and become the terrific terrier we know he is! So come on, take this precious boy for a spin, and mutually escape into the love you’ll share!

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1 year Black and white Maltese/Terrier mix. As renowned poet, T S Eliot once said, “Home is where one starts from.” ...and a forever home in which he can begin and continue his new life is exactly what our sweet Eliot desires. In the shelter for unfathomable reasons, Eliot was overjoyed when we told him we would help him find that home. At 12 pounds, Eliot is just the cutest boy. His sweet nature is unmistakable, and he has an abundance of love which he freely gives to everyone he meets. Cuddling in a lap is his favorite pastime...although he’s always game for a walk around the neighborhood. Eliot is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Will you be the lucky one who gives our boy a home he can start from?

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2 years Black and white Terrier mix. We jumped for joy when lsweet Gloria joined the Perfect Pet family. Why anyone would let her go is unfathomable, but we knew immediately she belonged with us. Gloria is a joyful pup who freely shares her happiness with everyone she meets. You can’t help but smile as she looks up at you with her big brown eyes. ...and those ears! They are testament to her infectious whimsical spirit. Gloria is spayed, microchipped, current on all vaccines, and excited to become part of her forever family. Will you be the lucky person who shares Gloria’s joy forevermore?

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1 year old, Silver. Terrier mix. Sterling is silver but she has a heart of gold. She is very friendly and seems easy going. She will be a special favorite for families who may require less shedding. Sterling is the real thing at 15 pounds. She is still very portable and would love to be a regular on outings and walks. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccines.

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2 years White Terrier. Talk about cute! There is no other way to describe our little Busby........except to say that he is as sweet as he cute and as loving as he is sweet! Busby’s tail starts wagging as soon as he sees you, and he quickly nestles in when in your lap. This 2-year-old boy will be the perfect companion for any family. Because he is small, he can travel anywhere with you, so you’ll never need to be apart for long. Busby weighs 11 pounds and is neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. More importantly, he knows it won’t be long before his forever family comes along and makes him tail-wagging happy!

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2 years Tan Terrier. It is always heartbreaking when dogs find themselves behind bars, and so it was for sweet Lanie. What had she done to deserve such a fate? Well, that’s a question which has no acceptable answer. Through it all, however, this lovely lady kept her wits about her, remaining the loving, gentle pup she was born to be. The moment we met her, we knew she was special. She greeted us with a joyfully wagging tail and a glint of renewed hope in her soulful eyes. Lanie brings with her the best of both the big dog and small dog worlds. She is big enough to enjoy long walks, yet small enough to cuddle in your lap...which she will gladly do. Lanie weighs 18 pounds and is spayed, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Will you be the one to make her hope a reality?

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12 years old Tan, Terrier mix. Yankee Doodle is a dandy dog. He's friendly and outgoing and loves everyone he meets. He's well socialized with dogs and is an all-around agreeable fellow. All this in spite of the fact that the people who adopted him from us in 2007 threw him away this past January. Where Yankee was until a few days ago only he knows, but he finally landed in a shelter and is now safe in our arms. His ordeal left him with a few medical issues, but we are tending to those and expect a full recovery. At 14 pounds, Yankee Is neutered, microchipped, current on all vaccines, and quite a spry 12-year-old. Won’t you give this sweet senior the forever home he so deserves?

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